Don’t ever start a restoration….but it is too late for me….

So once again we return to the restoration project now three years and counting. Serious, serious progress has been made but that elusive finish line seems as far distant as ever. Happily we are now way past the body work and painting stage (that took two years) and now real progress has been made towards reassembly. The wiring harness is fully repaired and back in the car. The fuel system is mostly in the car. The brake system is completely installed and being pressure tested and bleed to check for any leaks before the motor and transmission go back in. Here are a couple of pictures taken today.P1000130P1000131P1000132P1000133


Body Work Continues

Finally got a chance to drop in on the body shop on my way to work this morning.  My car is a “fill in” job meaning that the shop works on it when there is no other collision work in the shop.  That means the progress is a bit slow, but right now they are “slow” again so some serious work has been completed.  The roof on my car was very wavy.  That has been hammered and dollied out and after several skim coats and primer coats the roof is in excellent shape.  A new section of metal/panel has been added  between the tail lights and the rear quarter panels on both sides have seen some very nice body work.

Body and Paint Work Underway

After the better part of a year seeking estimates from at least a dozen body shops in Massachusetts and New Hampshire – and receiving estimates ranging from the low estimate of $5,600 to the highest estimate of $15,000 – I have finally found the right shop for my budget.  I have a former client in Haverhill who owns a body shop – he literally had no work in his shop and was willing to work within my budget to keep his employees busy.  Here we go….